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Metamorfoza Vol.3 - 2002

Metamorfoza Vol.3_0.jpg


Artist: Slađana Milošević

Album Title:  Metamorfoza Vol. 3

Compilation CD 412288 PGP RTS – Beograd - Yugoslavia

Style: Acoustic Jazz-Rock / Pop / Rock Ballad


3. Arrangement & Keyboards by: Miki Petkovski

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Blues for Piano - 2001


Blues for Piano Jazz and blues are not very old musical forms, yet they are firmly entrenched as 20th Century North American genre. The pieces represented in this book, 12-bar standard blues in slow tempo and 12-bar standard blues in fast tempo, import the basic form of blues, that being a three-phrase period of twelve measures. The basic framework of I, IV, and V scale-steps allows for harmonic elaborations while retaining the progressively more difficult key signature found in the book.

Ricordi Di Napoli - 2001

Ricordi di Napoli  Mimi Larry  2001_0.jpg


Artist: Mimo Lari

Album Title: Ricordi Di Napoli

Arrangements &  Keyboards:  Miki Petkovski

Mixing  & Mastering : Miki Petkovski

 Producer:  Miki Petkovski

A Christmas Gift - 2000

A Christmas Gift Oakville Suzuki String Ensemble 2000_0.jpg


Artist: Okville Suzuki String Ensemble

Album Title: A Christmas Gift

Mixing & Mastering: -Miki Petkovski

Co-Produced by: Miki Petkovski

From The Heart of Merriam Music - 1998

Compilation CD 98_0.jpg


Artist: Compilation CD

Album Title: From The Hart of Merriam Music


Title: Tonight’s the Night 

Music by: Miki Petkovski

 Piano: Miki Petkovski

One Man Show - 1997

One Man Show Andrew Sage_0.jpg

Artist: Andrew Sage 

Album Title: One Man Show

 Arrangements: Miki Petkovski

All Instruments played by: Miki Petkovski

Mixing & Mastering: Miki Petkovski

Producer: Miki Petkovski

Jesi Masi - 1995

Jesi Masi Dogrib Gospel Songs 95_0.jpg


Artist: Lyn Atwood

Album Title: Jesi Masi

Style: Gospel

Arrangements:Miki Petkovski

Keyboards: Miki Petkovski

Mixing & Mastering: Miki Petkovski / Jody Ellis

Producer: Miki Petkovski

Jesi seghoneto - Hope - 1994

Jesi Seghoneto Hore  Dogrib Cchildren's Songs 94_0.jpg

Artist: Lyn Atwood

Album Title: Jesi Sogheneto / Hope

Style: Gospel

 Songs by Lyn Atwood

Arrangements: Miki Petkovski

Keyboards: Miki Petkovski

 Mixing & Mastering: Miki Petkovski / Jody Ellis

Producer: Miki Petkovski

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